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St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria. One of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world.

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i-D straight ups: i-D heads to Lagos to shoot the cool kids of Nigeria’s capital, straight up. 

  1. Yagazie Emezi | Visual curator  

  2. Honey ogundeyi | Internet Entrepreneur

  3. David Dagat | Flight attendant & aspiring writer

  4. Uju Nwobodoh | Model

  5. Adebayo Babatunde | Aspiring photographer  

Tchwww but they can’t learn that Lagos isn’t the capitalBut yayy! My answers though lol

im cackling at your response about love lmfao yaga

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What really frustrates me is this personalization of marginalized groups.

On sexual assault: it could be your sister, mother, daughter ….

On police brutality: it could be your Black friend

You shouldn’t have to think of someone related to you to care about injustice. You shouldn’t have to humanize marginalized groups. If you care about an issue it’s about everyone in that group, not just those related to you.

Here’s some fantastic news for your Friday: On Thursday, the California Senate unanimously approved a new bill that defines sexual consent as a firm “yes” rather than a lack of “no.”


This is a big win for anti-rape activists, many of whom have been touting the necessity of an “affirmative consent” standard for years. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has the next month to sign the bill into law. If he does, schools across the state would be required to define consent before engaging in sexual activity as an “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement” or risk losing state financial aid funding.

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my biggest fear is I’m married & my husband says, “let’s cut sugar out of our diet” so I have to leave with the kids in the middle of the night

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